Divisions at SROS

Plant and Postharvest Technologies (PPT)

The Plant & Food Technology Division (PFTD) formerly known as the Food Technology Division used to carry both the research activities as well as the product development functions for value adding to food.  The newly established Industrial Division in 2009 has now taken over the product development responsibilities along with other associated tasks. 

The PFT Division’s main responsibilities is to conduct research to enhance the value and marketability of our local agricultural produce which include plant materials, poultry, meat and as well aquatic life.  Another major responsibility with PFTD deals with food safety particularly the area of microbiological analysis for food products.

Research Activities

The following list of the Divisions completed, ongoing and planned projects gives an idea of the scope of activities the Division is mandated and capable of carrying out;

Postharvest Treatments : A vehicle for good economic returns on breadfruit and papaya export.
Comparative Nutritional Value and Sensory attributes of Five Samoan Talo developed for Exports
Plant Improvement & Diversification
Samoan Cocoa Fermentation
Nutritional Composition of Samoan Food
Medicinal Herbs- Characterisation and Utilisation of Bioactive Compounds in Samoan Traditional plants with known healing capacities

The above projects are mostly plant related and the Division will soon look into projects particular to other food sources like meat, poulty as well as fish and other water related edible products.

Food Safety

The microbiological analytical unit housed within this Division (complements the chemical laboratory) is very active in the analysis of microbes in water and food.  Two separate laboratories are operated one dealing with general microbes and the other dealing specifically with pathogens.  The private sector, Government bodies as well as Regional and International Organisations are making good use of our analytical laboratories.

Our laboratories are currently contracted to carry out analysis services for some of the Ministries and our strive for accreditation has certainly boosted our reputation as a provider of this service in the country as well as the region. Certification of products for conformity to certain standards is therefore a major role we play for both imports and exports.