Monday, 16 July 2018



To increase the efficiency of fruit value chains through improved productivity and postharvest handling practices for fresh breadfruit and pineapple.

The horticultural sector supports the livelihoods of the majority of the Samoan population. However, increasing food imports, declining contribution to overall GDP, and reduced household participation in the sector, highlights systemic challenges. In seeking to revitalise the horticultural industry, the Samoan Government launched the Fruit & Vegetables Development Strategy for Samoa in 2009. While this strategy does not identify commodity-specific priorities, it does provide an extensive action plan (based on industry structure reform, R&D to improve productivity, capacity building, supply chain coordination, and provision of technical services), focused on achieving import substitution and supporting niche export market opportunities.

This four-year project will aim to achieve the following objectives:
(a) Improve the commercial viability of sea-freight exports in Samoa by developing postharvest protocols for small breadfruit consignment shipments to New Zealand and Australia;
(b) Evaluate the existing postharvest handling constraints along domestic pineapple value chains in Samoa, and provide appropriate remediation; and,
(c) Undertake concurrent postharvest optimisation of sea freight storage protocols for Samoan pineapple in support of a future Samoa pineapple export industry.