Conference Proceedings

Presentation at Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment “Environment Week” Winterstein T. E. Interrelationship Between the Environment and Energy. October, 2007 
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Kusnandar, F.R., Tumaalii, F. and Hosken, R.W. Application of Rapid Visco Analysis to development of grain-based liquid meals. 33rd Annual AIFST Convention. 20 – 23 August 2000. Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia. 
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 Samani Tupufia, Young Jae Jeon, Adesoji Adesina, Chris Marquis and Peter Rogers (2011)"Evaluation of biodiesel production from coconut oil using both alkali and enzyme processes"Poster presentation in 2011 Bioenergy Conference of "Towards 2020: Growing our Sustainable Future", Queensland, Australia 23-25 November 2011. 
 Samani Tupufia Chris Marquis and Peter Rogers (2013) " Enzymatic Conversion of Coconut Oil for Biodiesel Production" Power point Presentation in 2013 Bioenergy Conference of " Building the Future: Biomass for Environment, Economy and Society". New South Wales, Australia. 


Samani Tupufia, Eiko.Fuimaono, 2009 "The effects of Chemical and Microbial contamination at Vaitoloa mangroves and its ecosystem" Presentation . Oral Presentation at Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: Division of Environment and Conservation. Apia, Samoa.