Overall, the Corporate Services Division is responsible for the day to day operations of SROS, including a variety of responsibilities such as finance, human resources management, information technology (IT), marketing, administration functions and general operations. Headed by a division manager, the CS team comprises 3 finance, 2 administration officers and a mechanic/maintenance support officer.

Under Finance, major responsibilities include; budget preparation and control, preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports including annual review of corporate plan, analysis of research project’s financial performance, cost benefit analysis, purchases (local and overseas), consumables stock management and advisory services to management and project leaders on financial matters. Overall, all finance matters relating to the operation of SROS is managed by the Finance team in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act 2001.

The administration team, on the other hand is responsible for all other non finance, corporate support services (with the exception of IT), such as administration, human resources, marketing and general operations including occupational health and safety issues. Under human resources (HR), the Administration team is responsible for staff recruitment, employment contracts, performance management, staff conduct, development, training and disciplinary issues according to the SROS HR Policy Manual, SROS Act 2008 and Samoa’s Labor and Employment Act 1972.

Under Marketing, the administration team is responsible for promoting SROS’s profile and services such as its technical and consultancy service offering to the public including implementing a targeted marketing strategy for each of its applied science research programs. Additionally, marketing objectives include identifying and securing funding partnership opportunities with international governments, organizations and agencies. Strengthening collaborations with key industry stakeholders in the private, public and NGO sectors is also a priority to help stimulate & develop Samoa’s economy through SROS’s scientific research development projects. 

Moreover, all other general administrative functions such as clerical work, secretarial support, coordinating meetings and special events, attending to staff and visitors travel and accommodation arrangements, taking appropriate action on incoming and outgoing official correspondence, responding to staff and customer enquiries, general record keeping and managing SROS switch board are all part of the administration team’s responsibilities.

Lastly, Information Technology (IT) is also an important function of the CSD, which falls under the Principal IT Officer’s portfolio, Key responsibility, is to provide professional high quality information & technology (IT) management support to meet overall Organizational technology requirements including management of SROS’s website and providing general maintenance support services.

Faaea V Talilai


Telesia Ah Sam

Principal Administration Officer

Email: telesia.ahsam@sros.org.ws

Merita Pouafe

Principal Finance Officer

Email: merita.pouafe@sros.org.ws

Frances Viali

Chief Executive Assistant

Email: frances.viali@sros.org.ws

Samaauga Tauamiti

Senior Administration Officer

Email: samaauga.tauamiti@sros.org.ws

Lotumaalii Sefo Iosefa

Senior Maintenance Officer

Email: lotumaalii.iosefa@sros.org.ws

Sosefina Luamanuvae

Senior Finance Officer

Email: sosefina.luamanuvae@sros.org.ws

Pualani Salesa

Senior Finance Officer

Email: pualani.salesa@sros.org.ws

Taisali Taito

Finance Officer

Email: taisali.taito@sros.org.ws

Janet Scanlan

Administration Officer

Email: janet.scanlan@sros.org.ws

Viona Faumuina

Finance Officer

Email: viona.faumuina@sros.org.ws

David Une

Information Technology Officer

Email: david.une@sros.org.ws

Emma Saunoamaalii

Office Assistant

Tone Mareko

Office Assistant

Hannah Talalelei

Office Assistant