S.R.O.S. acquiring equipment to determine variant.

Story by: Samoa Observer.

The Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (S.R.O.S.) says it is acquiring more “consumables” to enable it to determine the variant of positive COVID-19 cases detected at Samoa’s borders.

The Government-funded local scientific research entity released a press statement on Monday highlighting its capabilities, after the Samoa Observer reported on the approval by the Cabinet last Wednesday for the S.R.O.S. to assist the Ministry of Health (M.O.H.) run COVID-19 tests on the 300-plus people currently in managed isolation in its Sunday Samoan edition.


Samoan medicinal plant matalafi (Psychotria insularum), primarily used to treat “ma’i aitu” and various types of inflammation has been scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory activity, in a recent study published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) of the USA (article link: https://www.pnas.org/content/118/45/e2100880118).

ACIAR Regional Cocoa Project – HORT/3014/078

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR): Aligning genetic resources, production, and post-harvest systems to market opportunities for Pacific island and Australian cocoa

September 30, 2021: Cocoa farmers residing in the districts of Vaisigano 1 and 2, Falealupo, Alatuaia i Sisifo, and Salega East benefited from the first round of the local Cocoa Fermentation competition implemented by the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa SROS.

One of the objectives for this regional project is ‘to evaluate the opportunities for Pacific cocoa industries to expand the value of their markets related to quality attributes and industry organisations’. The activities aim to assess bean quality through local competitions and linking to buyers for niche markets so Samoan cocoa is able to compete in the high-value, low-volume markets based on fine flavor and ‘single origin’ branding.

S.R.O.S. breaks ground on $2.5 million factory and commercialisation project.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi said the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa’s (S.R.O.S.) new $2.5 million commercial factory and its commercialisation setup is a dream come true. The Prime Minister was part of an official groundbreaking ceremony at the facility Tuesday morning.

The new initiative is designed to work on projects to ensure food security for Samoa in the face of threats to the national food supply, ranging from pandemics such as COVID-19, plant diseases and natural disasters, the Prime Minister said. Tuilaepa thanked S.R.O.S. for their hard work. The scientific investigation of the Government research and development arm made the factory possible, Tuilaepa said.


Initial testing for the African Swine Fever (ASF) on Samoan livestock have come back negative. The Scientific Research Organization of Samoa has confirmed reiterating no trace of the deadly virus is in Samoan pigs.

This is all made possible according to SROS Chief, Seuseu Dr. Joseph Edward Tauati with the establishment of a Center of Samoa Cancer Research under SROS umbrella. The Center also has the capacity to test various diseases and viruses. “At the moment, SROS is keeping a close eye on two threats the world is facing, the COVID19 pandemic testing and the African Swine Fever which is deadly towards pigs,” Seuseu said.


The guava leaf has the potential to aid diabetic patients regulate their sugar levels.
This is one of the ongoing researches initiated by the Samoa Bio-discovery Centre with the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa (SROS).

SROS Environment & Renewable Energy Division Manager, Annie Tuisuga in an interview with the Savali News said they have to date screened over 100 local plant samples and have positive findings from the samples such as the guava.

 “Using these positive findings, we’re able to process tea bags from the guava leaves and with these tea bags, pass them to one of our local doctors, Dr Asiata Satupaitea Viali for further preliminary clinical trial to test how effective these guava tea bags are in treating type 2 diabetes,” said Tuisuga.

Crops research unit dissolved, moved to S.R.O.S.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (M.A.F.) will soon dissolve one of its
divisions to be transferred to another Government body.
The M.A.F. Crops Research Unit will soon come under the Scientific
Research Organisation of Samoa (S.R.O.S.) located at Vailima, the Minister
of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti, revealed.